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"No matter what you are looking for: yoga training, yoga philosophy, yoga inspiration, yoga technique, yoga as a vocation, yoga anything!! Michael's Morningside School of Yoga is a gem! With the rapidly evolving climate of mainstream yoga, Michael provides a genuine throw back to the original ways in which yoga was taught. He stays true to the path and lineage of yoga, and clearly has been called to do so! His school establishes an awesome foundation for yoga practice and a yoga life!!! Thank You Michael!"

- Joseph 

Morningside Yoga is a small little in-home studio in the Westcott area.  If you're used to classes of 50+ people in the room, as I was, this Yoga studio provides a refreshingly different way to practice. The Yoga studio is an open and sunny room that overlooks a lush backyard.  The classes are small - I've not been in one with more than ~8 people - which provides an atmosphere conducive to lots of one-on-one attention, and building friendships with the other regular students.

 The sessions themselves pull from numerous influences and doesn't fit neatly into any category.  It's unique, and a little bit different every time, which keeps it always interesting.  

All that aside, though, the one reason why I kept going back was for the instructor.  Michael, an "accomplished American master possessing great amounts of technical & philosophical knowledge combined with a genuine mystical connection to the path of yoga,"* is the owner of the studio, and his passion for Yoga is both immediately apparent and contagious.  He lives Yoga.  His Yoga passion is so much deeper than it-makes-my-tummy-tight-and-arms-toned, and students learn, through his classes, to practice Yoga in a similarly mindful way.  He is a lifelong student (in more than just Yoga; he is also a black-belt and Buddhist meditator), which I found to be very inspiring to do the same. I just graduated Syracuse and, as a result, moved my life back over to the Bay Area.  This is one of the things in Syracuse that I will miss the most.

- Taylor

...Michael comes to each class with the perspective and wisdom of someone who has dedicated his professional life to the study and teaching of yoga and related arts...In the time I have been working with him, he has continually deepened my understanding of exercises that I thought I had understood...Michael has an unusually strong and accurate scientific grasp of functional anatomy and physiology...Michael is unusually adept at helping individuals to modify an exercise when that's best for their particular situation and at helping class members work productively and safely in spite of injuries or other limiting factors.

-Kathleen J. Baum
Assistant Professor
Department of Drama
Syracuse University