Yoga asanas, or poses, are the lifeblood of yogic tradition. It is through these poses that you activate various muscles and are able to bring about a meditative state. Some poses, such as the corpse pose and easy position, are designed for yogis of all skill sets -- including beginners.

Other asanas, such as the triangle pose, may require a bit more balance.

Your yoga instructor is always available to help you align your body in the correct position to meet each asana requested of you. Some of the most common asanas used in a yoga class include:

  • Bridge

  • Cobra

  • Corpse

  • Dog/Cat

  • Downward Dog

  • Forward Bend

  • Half Shoulder stand

  • Head to Knee

  • Mountain

  • Sit/Easy Position

  • Triangle

  • Warrior I , Warrior II

  • Vinyasa