About Us

Morningside Yoga is a sole proprietorship located at the southern end of what is known as the Westcott Nation, home of the famous Seven Rays Book Store in Syracuse New York.

The Morningside name was taken from a lovely park that is walking distance from our facility; we took out our DBA under that name in 1994.

Don't be deceived by our small size. Our teacher is an accomplished American master possessing great amounts of technical & philosophical knowledge combined with a genuine mystical connection to the path of yoga. He treats all students (from frail elderly to NCAA athletes) with tenderness and compassion, and regularly endulges the class in some pretty outrageous humor. But compassion without wisdom lacks substance. With that in mind, Michael (a karate black-belt and lifelong Buddhist meditator) sees a large part of his mission as restoring an atmosphere of discipline and respect into American yoga - something that has been lost within much of the current scene. Under his guidance we see how yoga training can be tough and joyful at the same time.